Co-working and sharing have reached a fresh new level. The future lies in creating a new brand family and creating a community.

Being a member of a community was the way to survive when we had to battle dinosaurs, now a community is the way to a happier life, alongside like-minded people, visions, dreams and goals.

To reach that fresh new level, we would like you to join us for Tchai X. Where insights into your market, competitors, target groups, global trends, retail trends, new materials and new technology are up for grabs.
You will be inspired by our enthusiastic Tchai team of concept makers, strategic thinkers, connectors, trendwatchers and retail wizards. They also know how to make your next future proof brand project feasible.
In this community you will be connected with other great brands, to work, to learn and to collabs with. With our outside in view on your brand we will create tailor made strategic concepts to future proof your brand.

We are very excited to facilitate this ‘new community’.

To become a member, so we can provide you with all these treasures, we have put together three inspirations memberships for you to choose from.

For further information invite us to a face to face

We are keeping a seat free for you at our family table, come and join us!