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21 June 2020 By TCHAI

I don’t know…yet

The whole world is in flux, and we never know what tomorrow may bring. A bit scary, but at the same time, not knowing something (yet!) might actually open the door to understanding and growth. Let us explain to you the miracle of not knowing something (yet).

The strength of admitting
When was the last time (pre-COVID!) that you heard someone admit they didn’t know the answer or were unsure off the topic at hand? Never. It never happened.
But when even trendwatchers, futurists and our prime minister admit that they don’t know what the future holds (yet), you know something is changing.

At Tchai, we have a serious soft spot for silver linings. The one here is, in our opinion, that these unnerving times have humbled us. They made us realise that we don’t know everything, and that that’s okay, because it’s real. For far too long, in work environments and in society, our ego got the better of us. We would rather suffer from anxiety, or leave a conversation, than admit we didn’t know something.
But in this chaotic world, which forces us to acknowledge that we can’t know everything, that we are constantly changing and evolving, we’re experiencing this shift in other aspects in our lives as well. And although this can make us feel vulnerable, it’s actually very powerful. It opens the door to knowledge and empathy. Especially if we can say that we don’t know something yet, and are willing to do the work in whatever aspect of lives our lack of knowledge is surfacing.

One way to do so, is to learn to listen. This magic skill could do you wonders.

Yes, nothing is certain. But that doesn’t mean we’re all completely afloat. If you would like something to hold on to, why not try the I Ching book of Changes? A centuries old Chinese oracle, which can help you figure out your future and the answers to your questions.




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