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15 June 2020 By TCHAI

Team Human

Instead of calling each other on the phone, we’ll send a text message. Instead of going out into nature, we’ll put VRglasses on. Instead of dropping off a present, we’ll order something online and have it delivered. Without us even realising, our digital technologies are starting to dehumanise us, pushing us into isolation. While social media was created to connect us, it has in the same time distracted us from that very thing. Also, who is going to be the real owner of all our personal data? Algorithms will soon know us inside and out and, therefore, know us better than we know ourselves.

Team Human, originally coined by Douglas Rushkoff, is taking a stand to regenerate real social bonds to make a positive impact on the planet. It awakens the collective autonomy to keep making our own decisions. In a world that is preoccupied with religion, nationalism and AI, we suggest reappraising secularism: to create freedom of thought and consciousness and to apply it equally to all.

1 – Team Human. Douglas Rushkoff is named one of the “world’s ten most influential intellectuals” by MIT.

2 – Secularism. Charles Bradlaugh, 1833 – 1891 founded the National Secular Society in 1866.

3 – Teens now want to be social media stars, as a successful online influencer earns almost the same as a celebrity. Will they also be able to connect offline though? – click

4 – Dutch fashion house Viktor & Rolf aimed to show the “expressive power of clothing” in its latest haute couture show. The quotes are taken from social media, maybe we should start to give a damn. – click

5 – E-sports, a computer game played together, could become an Olympic sport. Stadiums filled with supporters join together to watch the battle offline. – click

We have done our best to give credit to all whose imagery we have used. However, in an era of digital sharing and social media, it is not always possible to identify the original source. Please contact us to add the correct credits:



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