Tchai is a third-generation family business. We’ve grown from making displays to displaying brands. And we’ve evolved from a traditionally run company to cultivating a philosophy that’s all about maximizing the personal potential of our people, clients and suppliers.

What has always defined Tchai as a company is the energy we put into every project we’re involved in. The relentless drive, the commitment, the inspiration. That’s our energy, that’s our Tchi.

We want to find and unlock the Tchi in people and brands alike. By investigating what inspires energy to flow within ourselves and all that is around us.

To allow everyone’s Tchi to flow freely is our way to empower people and build brands.


In an increasingly digital world, your physical brand space needs to be nothing less than exceptional. Tchai creates brand activation through concept thinking, flagship stores, concept stores, pop-up stores, product presentations and any other kind of surprising stuff we can to make your brand stand out and drive revenue.

We focus on partners and clients we resonate with to make the retail world a little more beautiful and purposeful; and a lot more exciting.

We’re looking forward to moving forward.

With you.



We believe traditional business models are dead – or at least dying. In search of a new, more inspiring way to organize ourselves we didn’t turn to management books and theories, but took a journey inwards.

Our company goal is to create a positive environment that unleashes the potential of all our employees, partners and clients.

Our roots take us all the way back to China, a country with a very powerful philosophical tradition in which Chi is a fundamental concept. It is defined as life breath or life force; a vital energy that is part of all that exists. Tchi is a contraction of Tchai and Chi and represents the mutual energy of everyone at Tchai.


On our journey, we first discovered our roots, then added our company values which developed into our energy. We gave it a name, TCHAI TCHI, we visualised it and gave it form. Tchi is a combination of Tchai and Chi and represents the mutual energy of everyone at Tchai. It flows freely, to empower people to be their best, balanced version of themselves.

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We selected the best of the best global partners for the very best local results.
Our goal is to deliver supreme quality with quick lead-times for an excellent price.
As we love our world, we are shifting our focus to be able to thrive on sustainable production methods.
We have put a lot of energy and care into this continuing process.