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Tchai is evolving, inspired by Mother Nature’s timeless wisdom, as we embark on a new journey embracing more eco-conscious practices, social responsibility, and ethical governance. Our path toward sustainable development involves meeting present needs while safeguarding resources for future generations, fostering a model of greater social, environmental, and economic responsibility.

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Revolutionizing Retail: Stay Ahead in the Future of Retail

In the fast-paced world of retail, staying ahead requires tools that not only meet the current demands but also anticipate future challenges. Our latest suite of innovative tools is transforming retail efficiency by setting new industry standards. Want to know more? Contact us +


Tchai Introduces: Deepdive Dialogues

Conversations about the genuine connection between people and brands. Four times a year, Kim Tchai and Vera van Beaumont delve into topics such as  retail & hospitality, creativity & business, ownership & leadership and everything else that comes up. A podcast on paper? Why not! ...

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